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GM 3D Printer Automation
The goal of this project is to automate the 3D printing process. It started when the OSHE was asked by the university to print hundreds of husky statues that took 8 hours each to print. Instead of having to remember to come into the lab every eight hours and start a new print, it would be much easier if the process was automatic. We want the robotic arm to know when the 3D print is complete, remove the finished print, and then tell the 3D printer to begin again.
High-Temperature Printer
To provide a low cost, open source solution for 3D-printing in high performance materials such as PEEK (polyether ether ketone), PEI (polyetherimide) and PC (polycarbonate), to increase the availability to engineers, makers and medical professionals to print in these materials.
The machine is used to grind up plastic waste into usable feedstock that can be used in OSHE's filament extruder. It can also be used for feedstock for any other plastic manufacturing method that you can think of.
The machine is used to manufacuture 3D printer filament from various sources. We can create 1.75mm filament with recycled thermoplastics or with raw virgin plastics. Appropedia Page
The lasersaur is our lasercutter which we will use to cut various materials for use with other projects.


Group Type Service Price
University Related 3D Printing PLA 5¢ / gram
University Related 3D Printing PETG 10¢ / gram
University Related Design and Development $20 / hr
University Related Plastic Granulation $10 / kilogram
Non-University Related 3D Printing PLA 10¢ / gram
Non-University Related 3D Printing PETG 20¢ / gram
Non-University Related Design and Development $40 / hr
Non-University Related Plastic Granulation $15 / kilogram

The Crew

Dr. Joshua Pearce
Faculty Advisor
Zach Arnold
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Zach Arnold is currently a fourth-year Electrical and Computer Engineering student at Tech and upholding a position as the Enterprise president. He is interested in controls, 3D printing, and other manufacturing techniques and methods. His previous project was the GM automation cage and currently is working on the Lasersaur and other miscellaneous projects to benefit the team and lab.
Sean Scsavnicki
Vice President
Mechanical Engineering
Sean is interested in CAD design, Mechatronics, 3D printing, and Open Source He is in his third semester at Michigan Technological University studying Mechanical Engineering Currently, Sean is working with the Granulation and Insulation team, as well as making improvements to the way parts can be ordered for the OSHE lab.
Matthew Lekity
Software Engineering
Matt is a fourth year Software Engineering undergraduate with a minor in Electrical Engineering. He currently is working on the Recycle Bot project and is developing an android application to control the Recycle Bot.
Erica Umlor
Computer Engineering
Erica is a fourth year pursuing a Computer Engineering major with a Psychology minor. She is currently working on the DEXTER Robot Arm project. Her interests are robotics and programming.
Drew Vincent
Electrical Engineering
Drew is a fourth year Electrical Engineering student at Michigan Tech who joined the team Spring of 2019. He is interested in power engineering and controls, with previous experience during a co-op at a coal-fired generating station.

The Alumni

Zach Arnold
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Zach graduated Spring of 2020.
Gage Armstrong
Engineering Management
Gage graduated Spring of 2019.
Jennifer Baker
Computer Engineering
Jennifer graduated Spring of 2019.
Daniel Scsavnicki
Mechanical Engineering
Daniel graduated Spring of 2019.
Aubrey Woern
Mechanical Engineering
Aubrey graduated Spring of 2019. He was the second enterprise president.


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