Open Source Hardware Enterprise

Open Source Hardware Enterprise

A student organization dedicated to the development and availability of open source hardware.

Who are we?

We are a Michigan Technological University enterprise specializing in the development and availibility of open source hardware.

What do we do?

We are a product development firm that offers design and prototyping through the use of open source software and hardware like 3D printers. Being open source means the instructions we use, the 3D models we create, and the software we write are shared to the commons, where they can be modified or redistributed. We charge a reasonably high design rate up front so that we can make a profit, and then everyone after us reaps the benefits of our work for a massive discount if they choose to recreate it. Anyone who so desires can make changes or updates to our parts, and through this process our parts are improved at a much higher rate than would be possible by ourselves. Open source is all about collaboration.


Group Type Filament Design and Development
Internal (University) $0.05 per gram $10/hr
External (Non-university related) $0.10 per gram $25/hr

The Crew

Dr. Joshua Pearce

Faculty Advisor

Aubrey Woern


Daniel Scsavnicki

Team Leader

Kevin Pressl

Student Developer

Gage Armstrong


Landon Overesch

Student Developer


We believe OSHE has a very bright future. We’ve decided to start building our foundations strong so that we can tackle a wide range of problems, and offer an even wider range of solutions. Current future projects include:

  • Building more 3D printers
  • Becoming more involved in Open Source Ecology
  • Hosting workshops on Open Source Ideology
  • Designing/Building a wide range of solutions for customers
  • Building demonstration products for the community
    • Progressive Vision Loss Lenses
    • Robotic Arms Within 3D Printing Process
    • Recylebot v5 Filament Extruder
    • Movable 3D printers
    • Granulator v2

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